About Us

SP Turboost Company LLC was founded in 2014 and since then has been dedicated to designing and manufacturing performance turbochargers and components. We also specialize in turbocharger component optimization by improving key elements such as material, design, and manufacturing process, to achieve better performance, efficiency and durability. 

Today, we focus primarily on serving our clients in the stock-appearing modified turbocharger market for the light duty diesel pickup trucks. We also take pride in helping our core clients compete in sanctioned motorsports. 



Facility Size: 8500 sq/ft

Inventory Capacity: $3M 

Manufacturing Capacity: 300 Units/Month   



Advanced Equipments                                                                                         

     Cimat CMT-48 VSR                     WCB30                          Heins TC3



Products & Services                                                                                             

*Compressor Housings          *Turbine Housings           *Bearing Housings
*Compressor Wheels               *Turbine Wheels             *Backing Plates
*Compressor Flow Map          *Turbine Flow Map         *Internal Components       
*Compressor Flow Analysis    *Nozzle Ring Components   


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