Powerstroke 7.3L Turbo Wicked Wheel + Rebuild Kit (1994 - 2003)

  • $ 95.99

Year: 1994 - 2003

Application: Ford Powerstroke Diesel

Engine Displacement: 7.3 Liter

(Part Numbers: 813-1001-001, 817-1004-002)


All of the available turbo internal upgrades are included in this combo, such as the 360 degree thrust system, severe duty journal bearings, turbine & compressor end upgraded oil seal rings, and the upgraded compressor wheel that eliminates surge, improve low-end throttle response, and as a added bonus, will produce a louder "whistle" sound over the stock wheel.

Note: This compressor wheel WILL NOT increase horsepower.  


Click Here For Rebuild Instructions


Balanced and ready to use. 


360 degree thrust system

The advantage of a 360 degree thrust bearing is that it has a full circle of lubrication, and an updated pad strategy to better disperse oil where it's needed. Most of the performance diesel turbos are run with this kind of set up for durability and longevity. Along with the improved journal bearing design, you will get a much better oil flow versus the conventional 270 degree thrust bearing. 


Upgraded step gap seal ring set

Would you like to minimize the possibility of oil leak in your turbo? This upgraded stepped gap seal rings provide a superior seal over the stock style seal rings. They keep your wheels clean, free of deposits and crud caused by oil leaking through the seals.


Improved design journal bearings

These improved design journal bearings use a countersunk oil port, thus draw more oil as they rotate. This bearing design will provide much better oil lubrication to other internal parts, such as the turbine shaft.

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